Peninsula Streams Society 2018-19 Board of Directors and Staff (Photo credit Lori James-Derry)

2018-19 Board of Directors

Standing, from left to right:  Francesca Loro (staff), Emily Olsen (staff), Grant MacPherson, Brian Koval (staff), Marjorie Garside, Denis Coupland, Farrell Boyce, Mike Derry, John Macdonald, Richard Ketchen, Shawn Stebbins, Tobi Gardner

Seated, from left to right:  Mary Haig-Brown, Judith Kirchner, Ian Bruce (staff), Newton Hockey

Missing:  Craig Elder, Sheila Irving

2018-19 Executive Committee

Tobi Gardner (CHAIR)

Mike Derry (VICE-CHAIR)

Craig Elder (TREASURER)

Richard Ketchen (SECRETARY)

Denis Coupland (GENERAL OFFICER)