In December 2012, the Brentwood LEAD (Local Environmental Action Divas) group and Peninsula Streams Society contacted many nurseries on the Saanich Peninsula.  One of our ongoing activities, in which our volunteers have invested countless hours, is invasive plant species removal.  Certain domesticated plants, when allowed to flourish in untended ecosystems, have the ability to overwhelm and kill off the native flora.  We asked the nurseries to refrain from selling these plants, and provided them with a list of some of the most destructive species, which include:

-English Ivy
-English Holly
-Daphne Laurel (spurge laurel)
-Scotch broom
-Himalayan Blackberry
-Budelia (butterfly bush)
-Yellow Archangel
-Purple Loosestrife
-Yellowflag Iris

The District of Saanich’s website is an excellent resource on invasive species including control and disposal methods.

The following nurseries have requested inclusion in our “Safe Plant Sellers List” and we thank them for their commitment to environmental stewardship.  We hope to see this list grow over time, and become a useful resource.  Let us know if you “fit the bill” and we’ll add you to our list!

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