Peninsula Streams is powered by our great volunteer base.  We would not be able to do many of our activities without their dedication, skills, enthusiasm and plain hard work.  So, thank you to our volunteers for your time, effort and dedication.  We would not be able to do it without you!


July-September 2013CoH volunteers

April-June 2013Glenn

Jan-Mar 2013

We would like to thank our Chair Newton Hockey, who has been working tirelessly on the Chalet Creek flow augmentation project, monthly water and sediment quality monitoring, as well as support on many other projects, including our annual Seahorses fundraiser and this year’s 10th anniversary celebration.  (Fall 2012)

This month we’d like to thank retired engineer David Lawrie, who has been with us for over a year and has already proved himself an invaluable asset, particularly with his help on our Tetayut Creek restoration project in Adam Kerr Park (see photo to left).  Thank you for volunteering with us, David! (Aug-Sep 2010 Newsletter)

This month we’d like to thank Alice Johnson, (in purple hat) a long-standing PSS volunteer who is also active with the Friends of Sandhill Creek, Hagan Creek/KENNES Watershed Project and LEAD (Local Environment Action Divas).  Thanks for all you do, Alice!  (Mar-April 2010 Newsletter)

This month, we want to give special recognition to a relatively new volunteer, Jim Kirby, who joined the PSS volunteer team this year.  Jim not only stepped up to fill a vacancy on our Board of Directors, but quickly became indispensable over the course of our Adam Kerr Park Restoration project, which took place in early October.  Jim is also a dedicated member of Shorekeepers.  Thank you for your commitment to making a difference, Jim!  (Nov-Dec 2009 Newsletter)  (Photo courtesy of Christine van Reeuwyk/Peninsula News Review)

Special thanks to our long-standing volunteer, Bruce Hardy, a retired Biology professor from Camosun, who has been with PSS for about four years.  Bruce is one half of our great Water Quality Sampling team, which goes out every month to collect data on the water and sediment quality on Hagan Creek.  Described as a “go-to-guy” by sampling partner Denis Coupland, Bruce is always ready to lend a hand at our work parties.  He is also on the Hagan/KENNES Steering Committee and is a dedicated member of Shorekeepers.  Thank you for your commitment to making a difference, Bruce! (Sep-Oct 2009 Newsletter)