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Our Stewardship “Stats”

Creeks we work on:
1. Chalet
2. Tseycum
3. Blue Heron
4. TenTen
5. Reay
6. Hagan/Graham
7. Tetayut
8. Tod
9. Maltby (lake)
10. Colquitz (mainstem)
11. Swan
12. Blenkinsop
13. Gabo
14. Goward Springs
15. O’Donnell Creek (and Elk Lake)

Stewardship Groups (or groups with stewardship goals) we support:
1. Friends of Chalet Creek
2. Friends of Shoal Harbour Sanctuary
3. Sidney Anglers Association (Reay Creek)
4. KENNES (Hagan/Graham Creek) Watershed Project
5. Friends of Reay Creek Park
6. Friends of Tod Creek Watershed
7. Friends of Swan Creek Watershed
8. Friends of Blenkinsop Creek Watershed
9. Goward Springs Watershed Stewards
10. Gabo Creek stewards (no official group)
11. Friends of Maltby Lake
12. Colquitz Coalition
13. Golden Rods and Reels (Elk/Beaver Lake, O’Donnell Creek)

In 2014
• 2100 Volunteer Hours (Jan-Sep) – work-parties, creek restoration, invasive species, meetings, education programs, outreach events, organization administration
• 3 middle schools, 600 Gr. 6/7 students participated in 3300+ student hours of program
• 9 elementary schools, 500+ Gr. 3 students participated in 500+ student hours of program
• 23 Water Quality monitoring days
• 2 Workshops provided (smolt counting, Colquitz Coalition)
• 23 Outdoor/Fieldwork/Education Volunteer Events offered (COH, invasive species, walks, community meetings, etc.)
• 9 Community Events/meetings attended/presented at (res. Association meetings, GR+R, Beaveree, World Ocean’s Day, Tsawout food festival, Chef Survival Challenge, etc.)

• We support 13 stewardship groups on 15 creeks and lakes with an annual adult volunteer participation exceeding 2500 hours.
• Our education programs reach over 1100 children from 12 schools participating for about 4000 hours annually.
• Our volunteers collect water quality on Tseycum Creek, Hagan/Graham Creeks, Tetayut (Sandhill) Creek and Swan Creek.
• We offer and host workshops on stewardship, Streamkeeping and fish counting/identification.
• In 2014 we held 23 volunteer events, including invasive species removal, environmental education, plantings, fish releases, and community meetings.