A Great Hagan Creek Work Party!

Submitted by Denis Coupland, Coordinator, KENNES (Hagan/Graham Creek) Watershed Project

We had a great turn-out for the KENNES (Hagan/Graham Creek) Watershed Project Work Party last Saturday morning and we got most of the work done that we wanted. Rather than describing it in detail I’ll let the pictures below do the talking (photos by Bill Kennedy and Francesca Loro). I really want to thank everybody who came out and made the day a success. Also Red Barn Market for the great lunch they provided. And, just in case you weren’t able to make it, we’ll be having another one in the spring. It’s surprising how much of a comeback the Himalayan Blackberries have made and the Scotch Thistles have really got a foothold in the previously cleared areas. We’ll need to whack them before they get into their rapid growth period again next summer. Thanks once more to everybody!

Here’s most of the crew who were at the Hagan Creek workparty last Saturday just after Ian (Peninsula Streams) briefed us on the work plan for the day.


Ryan loads a wheelbarrow and then follows Colin to the worksite.

DSC_0053 rs
Ian explains to me the job of deepening and lining the side channel with gravel
while Peter and Colin do some real work and Todd and Ryan take a breather.

DSC_0071 rs
Robin wields a mean scythe against the Scotch Thistles.

DSC_0064 rs

The pond on a picture-perfect fall morning.