Creatures of Habitat, Streamkeepers, Fry Releases and Tree Planting to Celebrate Earth Week

Eight stewards from the newly formed Friends of Swan Creek Watershed took part in Streamkeepers training this past weekend. Saturday and Sunday morning were spent in the classroom learning a ton of theory, while the afternoons were dedicated to getting some hands-on experience performing stream, habitat and macro-invertebrate surveys on Douglas and Swan Creeks.  Thank you to the District of Saanich for organizing this course.  [If you’re interested in taking this course, contact us and we’ll put you on an interest list…we’ll get awesome Instructor Dave to teach another course if we have enough interest.]

Here’s the group on the rainy Sunday afternoon after we’d finished the stream survey on Swan Creek.  In addition to the eight Swan Creek Stewards, the Friends of Mount Douglas Park was represented; as well eight Saanich staff took the course.

2013-04-21 15.33.23

We collected, counted (and released, of course) the little critters found under rocks in the creek, to help us determine the health of the creek.

2013-04-21 14.16.13

The following Monday, Earth Day, together with Angus and Patsy of the StreamTeam, we helped Deep Cove Elementary School students release their salmon fry into Chalet Creek.

2013-04-22 10.10.14

Here’s a photo of some of the Deep Cove students, our mini Streamkeepers, inspecting the macro-invertebrates found in the creek.

2013-04-22 10.12.19

That same evening, with a beautiful sunset and clear skies as a backdrop, a local Girl Guide and Pathfinder group helped us plant ~60 trees alongside Tetayut (aka Sandhill) Creek in Adam Kerr Park. In a month or so they’ll return to the park to help us mulch and water the trees, to help give them a leg (branch?) up.

2013-04-22 18.18.59

2013-04-22 19.34.45

And our final Creatures of Habitat 2013 event is this Friday, at Bayside Middle School~! Our team of volunteers will help us supervise and mentor 195 students in Gowlland Tod Provincial Park and on their school grounds, where they will do invasive species removal and learn about how they can become environmental stewards in their community. Last week we visited Royal Oak Middle School and Glanford Middle School as a part of this Gr. 6 environmental education program (in its 5th year!). Here’s a photo of Glanford students working alongside our wonderful volunteers in Baxter Park. They spent the rainy day weeding, planting and doing garbage pick-up, as well as taking part in indoor theatre and workshop activities.

2013-04-19 13.36.37

Thank you as always to all of our wonderful supporters and volunteers. Together we try to make every day Earth Day~!