Easy-listening Music, Good Friends, Fine Dining!

bob farrell

4th Annual Seahorses Dinner & Silent Auction

Thursday, April 11 – Social Hour starts at 5:30 pm

Once again, owner Sandi Harte is hosting our dinner at the fabulous Seahorses Café overlooking Brentwood Bay.  We’ll start with a Social Hour at 5:30 pm.  Bob DeWolff and Farrell Boyce will provide background music while you chat with old friends and enjoy a drink.  And, of course, you will be able to look at all the Silent Auction Items on display and get in some early bids (more on that later).  Dinner will be served around 6:30 pm and afterwards the auction will proceed to final bids.

Again this year, the price of the dinner tickets will be $40 or two for $75 including gratuities and taxes.  The meal will consist of three courses with your choice of either a fish, meat or vegetarian entrée.  The Seahorses has a new chef and he hasn’t settled on exactly what those dishes will be but, judging by the lunches I’ve had there recently, they will be excellent.  Contact Francesca now to reserve your tickets (the restaurant only seats 35 people).  You can specify then which type of entrée you would like or wait until you have seen the full menu, hopefully in the next few days.

And the Silent Auction Starts Now!!!

Get your bids in early and often!  Here are just a few of the items that we have had donated so far:

Item 4 – “ENJOY A De Vine VIEW OF MOUNT BAKER” – Treat yourself and a friend to a picnic lunch provided by Toni and Mo of the Zanzibar Cafe while enjoying the view from the terrace of the De Vine Vineyards Winery high above Old West Saanich Road.  The Certificate includes wine tasting and a credit towards two bottles of De Vine’s latest vintages.

Item 8 – “GRAPE EXPECTATIONS” – This framed acrylic painting by Brentwood Bay artist Susan Mason beautifully reflects the bounteous harvest of our Peninsula.
Estimated value of $150.  Opening bid from Denis Coupland – $50


Item 18 – “AUTHENTIC THAI COOKING LESSON” – Here’s your chance to wow your guests at your next dinner party!  Valid for one person.  Value $55.  http://kallayaneeskitchen.com/index.html


For the complete auction item list, click here to view our Picasa album, and then follow the directions to highlight each of the Items.  It’s a feast for the eyes!  Once you find some piece of art you just have to have or see an experience you wouldn’t want to miss, contact Francesca immediately with your bid.  The webpage will be updated regularly so that you may see whether your bid is still holding up or whether you will have to top some interloper who is coming between you and your prize.  Auctions are a competitive sport!  And, of course, we’re always looking for more items.  If you have a treasure hidden in your attic you would be willing to part with or can talk one of your favourite retailers into making a donation, please let us know right away and we’ll do the write-up for the Silent Auction list.

See you at the Seahorses!

Denis and Newton