Friends of Tod Creek Watershed – Summer Update

Submitted by Mary Haig-Brown, Friends of Tod Creek Watershed

The Friends of Tod Creek Watershed have had a busy summer.  In Whitehead Park, with much help from Saanich Parks staff, we have continued clearing the blackberries and mulching an area of the east bank in readiness for fall planting.  Beaver have moved into the creek and are rearranging some of our work to suit their needs.

In August, we hosted a BC Lake Stewardship LakeKeepers course taught by Rick Nordin.  Eighteen people learned some of how the complex system of a lake operates as a result of temperature changes, wind, upstream events and human actions.  A day in the class room was followed by a morning of practical work taking samples of water, bottom sediments and plant growth on Prospect Lake. Participants were taken out by Barry Britnell on his floating dock.   There was also time for a tour of the riparian restoration of Whitehead Park.  Help from Saanich, Thrifty Foods, Level Ground as well as funding from RBC Blue Water Project made this course possible.

Some members of the Heritage group spent a day going over to Port Angeles for a tour of the underground area of that city.  Human history is deep all around us.

During the fisheries window, we began restoration of Killarney Creek Fan.  The area where Killarney Creek enters Prospect Lake is a source of Yellow Flag Iris and other invasives that we have been working on in Whitehead Park.  By removing them and replanting with natives and still allowing lake access we hope to provide an example of stewardship on private land.  This work is being funded in part by TD Friends of the Environment.

On International River’s Day, Sunday, September 29th, we will be hosting a family oriented celebration of our little “river” at Whitehead Park from 1-3 pm.  All are welcome to take part in the festivities.  Please contact Mary or Winona for more information.