Hagan Creek Summer Tune-up

Submitted by Denis Coupland

We did some heavy lifting and applied a lot of TLC at Anne Waterhouse’s last week!
(It’s amazing what 25 people can do in a day)


Ian Bruce instructs Evan on the finer points of picking the perfect boulders to line the high stormwater inflow channel from Hagan Creek into the wetlands pond and to strengthen the nearby riffle. And then Evan got to practice his wheelbarrow skills.
We also had a dump truck full of gravel placed in piles along the edge of the riparian area which had to be loaded into barrows and wheeled to the stream (we always try to get in at least one good butt shot).
The gravel was then carefully placed in the Cutthroat Trout
spawning beds in the pools we had dug below the riffles.
Marjorie had a full crew helping her to clear grass and weeds around the many precious trees we have planted in the riparian area over the past few years and then they were given a fresh feeding of mulch and taped to protect them from deer grazing. We also
planted about 20 new ones. And Cathy instructed some new recruits in the fine art of digging up blackberry crowns.
And we planted some more sedges around the wetlands pond. Mary, a long-time KENNES Watershed Project member, really seemed to enjoy playing in the mud again after an absence of several years from our work parties.
Here’s about half of our happy crew after they had devoured the lunch which Francesca had picked up from the Red Barn and spread out on the picnic table behind Skip’s clubhouse. From left to right, they are Bruce, Francesca, Mary, Roni, Bob, Sarah, Leta, Shirley, Alan, Christina, Colin and Marjorie with our mascot Shelby in the foreground.  Our thanks to everybody!

And for those of you who missed it, we’ll do another one in the fall. But before then, we will be having another couple of work parties in the late summer or early September as we start stream restoration on the next farm downstream from Anne’s. We are really starting to make progress on the entire length of Hagan Creek through the Mount Newton Valley.

Here I am doing my best Yoda impersonation at the bottom of the wetlands pond contemplating what it would soon look like as Ian had adjusted the outlet valve to restore it to its full summer depth.


And here it is now in all its glory!

Thank you to Red Barn Market for providing our volunteers with a delicious lunch of sandwiches and juice~!

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