Hagan Creek Workparty Update

Submitted by Denis Coupland, Coordinator, KENNES (Hagan/Graham Creek) Watershed Project

Annual Bonfire Coming Up On Sat. Nov. 3rd 10th

(postponed until the 10th due to rain)

We had a great day at Anne’s place a week ago Saturday with variable weather alternating between almost clear to light drizzle to downpours, exactly what we needed for our work party.  Ian Bruce and his crew with excavator operator Walter Langer installed and buried the stormwater outflow pipe and relief valve at the downstream end of the pond near the old artesian well.  We planted about 50 trees in the riparian zone and two bins of cattail roots around the perimeter of the pond.  Bruce Hardy and Robin Anderson made short work of the thistles with a weed whacker and a scythe and Roni Anderson recruited a number of others in a personal vendetta against the blackberry thickets at the west end of the site.  They’ll never be the same.

Ryan Windsor checks out the stormwater outflow pipe and relief valve prior to their installation at lower end of pond.

Ian Bruce and Dave Lawrie evaluate the trench they surveyed and Walter Langer dug with his excavator from the pond back to the stream to bury the outflow pipe.

Ian and I explain to Elizabeth May how the pond will function both as a wildlife habitat and as a stormwater retention pond.

From left – Denis Coupland, Ian Bruce, Walter Langer, Marjorie Garside, Roni Anderson, Marg Smith, Colleen Ozawa, Sunny Johnson, Jason Gibb, Bruce Metzger, Leta Pessoa, Jane Hunter, Bruce Hardy and Francesca Loro.

Here’s most of our merry crew after our lunch of delicious sandwiches and drinks, courtesy of Red Barn Market.  Those not in this picture or in one of those above include Todd Carnahan who took this shot plus Alice and Les Johnson and Robin Anderson and the students and parents from Deep Cove School who came to plant their home-grown alders.  We would like to thank each and every one of our stalwarts, many of who have been out almost every Waterhouse Work Party day we have had over the last four years.

Annual Waterhouse Bonfire!

Saturday, Nov. 3rd 10th – 9am-noon

There will only be one bonfire this year as we used the excavator last Saturday to haul the remnants of previous burn piles into one location.  It will still be fun and, although it will be a bit late for Halloween, it will be on the eve of Guy Fawkes Day.  We also have about 15 trees we didn’t have time to plant and it might be a good time to install collars on the smaller deciduous ones the deer like to nibble.  We might even find some willow stakes to pound in around the banks of the pond.  And did I mention blackberries?

If you think you can manage to join us for the morning, please us by email or phone.  And thanks once again to everybody for all of your help so far to make the Waterhouse Project such a success.