Hagan Work Party Triumph!

Submitted by Denis Coupland.

The rain-soaked soil was so soft last Saturday that our hardy band of KENNES volunteers was able to simply use shovels to dig up most of the crown roots attached to the remains of stalks left after the excavator had ripped out the worst of the thicket of blackberries on the north side of the creek from the second bridge all the way down to the bottom of the property. I would have been happy if that was all we got done but then there were the blackberries growing right down the side of the creek which the excavator had not been able to reach. Some of our more intrepid souls, including Dan and Jitka below, lunged down the bank with loppers, picks and shovels and started heaving up load after load of vines and roots. I think some of them were ready to plunge across the creek and have a go at the other side but I had to call a halt at some point.

Smile for the camera!

Smile for the camera!

Here’s our usual group shot after we took a break and polished off the tray of Red Barn Market sandwiches (graciously donated). From left to right in the back row are Michael, Denis, Colleen, Marjorie, myself, Dan and Jennifer and, in the front row, Roni, Robin and Jitka with pretty girl Tatum in the foreground. Bill Kennedy took the picture and we just couldn’t manage to get Anne, Colin or Alice to stop for a break. My thanks to everybody! Normally at this point I might be thinking about having a Bonfire Party in November but with the on-going rain I suspect the burn piles will be too wet until next spring. Maybe instead we’ll do some more tree plantings in the area and keeners can always go after more of the blackberries around the lower end of the pond.

Stay tuned!