Have you renewed your Membership this year?

Dear Friends of Peninsula Streams Society,

We thank you for your continued support, and suggest that now is the perfect time to renew your membership with Peninsula Streams (memberships are also a great stocking stuffer idea for your family and friends!).

Why buy a membership?

Annual memberships cost only $5, and are very important to us!
– Most grant applications will ask how many members we have. Our major funders (municipalities, foundations, etc.) are more likely to support us if we can show that our community supports us and what we do. You can show your support by becoming a member.
– Memberships are a source of revenue that help offset our volunteer insurance costs.


In 2012, membership fees helped support:

– our long-running, annual Gr. 3 Environmental Education Program. In this program, we visit each Gr. 3 class at 9 Saanich Peninsula Schools (that’s 25 classes and almost 470 students in total!) to deliver an hour-long presentation. We use a large 4×6 foot waterproof model of the Peninsula to demonstrate the water cycle and teach the students about pollution and pollution prevention. We also teach about the Pacific salmon lifecycle and play a really fun tag/obstacle course game where the students pretend to be either salmon or predators.
– our annual Gr. 6 Creatures of Habitat program. We deliver this program to the Gr. 6 students at three middle schools (Bayside, NS and ROMS; that’s a total of ~500 students!). The students take part in an interactive EnviroJeopardy game (complete with human “buzzers”) and spend a half day doing ecological restoration on their own school grounds. After taking part, we have had students tell us that they want to start their own school EcoClubs and that Creatures of Habitat was the best school activity they’d taken part in!
– our ecological restoration projects. In November, we completed a major stream and wetland reconstruction project on Hagan Creek in the Mount Newton Valley. Funds also supported our flow augmentation project on Chalet Creek in North Saanich. In this project we will tap existing or newly dug wells to add water to the creek, as it dries up completely in the summertime, limiting the survival of fish, amphibians and other creatures that live in the creek.


In 2013, we have a lot of work to do! Some of the items on our list:

– continue our restoration projects on Hagan and Chalet Creeks.
– continue to deliver our Environmental Education programs to the Gr. 3’s and Gr. 6’s (we are always looking for volunteers to help out, too!)


Two ways to renew your membership:

1) You can now renew your membership instantly online.  Click on the ‘Canada Helps’ link, as if to make a donation. In the ‘Fund/Designation’ drop-down menu, choose ‘PSS Annual Membership’ and follow the rest of the directions on that page. It is a really easy process and doesn’t cost you anything extra!

2) Mail a cheque to us at: Peninsula Streams Society, 9860 West Saanich Road, North Saanich BC, V8L 4B2 including your name, address, phone number and email address.

P.S. Need another great gift idea?…Load up a ‘Peninsula Streams’ Thrifty Foods Smile Card and give it to the starving student in your life…a gift that they’ll surely appreciate! The Smile Card can then be used like cash to make purchases at any Thrifty Foods location. We’ll also appreciate it, as 5% of the amount that is loaded onto the card is donated to Peninsula Streams. This fundraiser doesn’t cost you anything – all of the donated funds come from Thrifty’s. If you’d like us to send you a Smile Card, please email us or fill out this form.