Reay Creek Planting Party

Riparian planting on the new Reay Creek diversion channel (air-side) took place on November 9th. 16 volunteers attended to help us plant over 260 native trees, including red alder, big leaf maple, native crab-apple, thimble-berry, salmon-berry, sword ferns, etc. As well, a few volunteers assisted Ian with rebuilding a riffle, by hand-placing rock and cobble. Thank you to everyone who came out, and to the rain and wind for holding off~!

VAA Reay planting Nov 2013 IMAG3195
Ian gives everyone a tour of the rebuilt channel.
VAA Reay planting Nov 2013 IMAG3215
Our wonderful and hard-working volunteers.
VAA Reay planting Nov 2013 IMAG3231
Ian and Jonathan rebuilding the riffle.
VAA Reay planting Nov 2013 IMAG3237
Enjoying a snack after a hard morning’s work.