Restoration continues on Hagan Creek

Last week was a very productive one on Hagan Creek in the Mount Newton Valley.  Carrying on with a stream restoration project that commenced in 2009, we completed work on a further 100m section of creek.  From Monday to Wednesday we had two excavators on-site to dig a 65m×20m off-channel pond to increase storm-water capacity and function as habitat for birds, amphibians and perhaps fish.  An excavator was also used to construct six more riffle/pool complexes in the stream.

A stalwart team of 11 volunteers attended to help with various activities, including damming the creek and diverting the water during the excavator work, surveying the site, helping fine-tune the riffles, and planting trees and sedges alongside the creek and pond.  Thank you Michael, Bruce, Christine and Alan, Dave, Maria and David, Marjorie, Mary and Ryan for your contribution of a combined 92 volunteer hours this week!

This Saturday, to culminate this year’s successful work, we will be holding the 3rd Annual Halloween Bonfire and Blackberry-Bashing Party at the restoration site.  Contact us if you would like to attend!


Photo Credit: Michael Tobacco

Photo Credit: Ryan Windsor



Photo Credit: Ryan Windsor