Volunteers Needed for Creatures of Habitat 2014

We’re back in action, planning for the 6th Annual Creatures of Habitat (“CoH”) program! If you have volunteered with this program in the past, we welcome you to take part again!…if you haven’t, I invite you to read through the following information, and please contact me if you’d like to know more.

But….Before you continue reading this email, please take a look at a short video that professional videographer John Carswell created for us, with footage from the event at Bayside School last year. It is an Amazingly well-produced video that totally captures the excitement of the day.

OK, welcome back.

This post contains a few items:

1) General CoH 2014 information
2) Volunteering
3) Training Sessions
4) So you’d like to volunteer? ….Contact me~!

1) General CoH 2014 Info

To summarize, “Creatures of Habitat” is an environmental education program that we deliver annually to Gr. 6 students to coincide with Earth Day. We will visit three schools over four days in April 2014. This year we are at North Saanich (NSMS), Bayside and Colquitz schools (we will return to Royal Oak school next year).

We deliver this program, free-of-charge, to the schools (we would love to consider additional schools but thus far have been limited by funding.) We’ll visit each of these schools for a full day and engage the entire Gr. 6 (and also the Gr. 7s at NSMS) class in both indoor and outdoor educational activities. I’ve included the day’s activities below for your information, though we require the majority of our volunteers for the outdoor activities.

This year’s format will remain essentially the same as last year’s. The students take part in:

Indoor Activities
– EnviroJeopardy (a fun take on ‘Jeopardy’ that focuses on the environment)
– Workshops (with providers like Compost Ed Centre, CRD Parks, etc.)

Outdoor Activities
– Hands-on restoration activities on or near the school property (this has included invasive species removal, mulching, planting and weeding, fry releases at a nearby creek, garbage pick-up)

The events will take place on the following dates in APRIL:

Bayside – Tuesday 15th (restoration activities mostly at nearby Gowlland Tod Provincial Park, and potentially on school grounds)
North Saanich – Tuesday 22nd AND Wednesday 23rd (restoration activities on school grounds and at nearby Lillian Hoffar Park)
Colquitz – Friday 25th (restoration activities across the street at the park)

2) Volunteering

Volunteer Activity Description:

We are looking for enthusiastic and responsible adult volunteers to work with and supervise youth (ages 11-12) at the school ground and/or park location. Depending on the school (each school has slightly different bell schedules), volunteer shifts are from ~8:30am-2:45pm. No restoration experience necessary…we will teach you everything you need to know at the training session(s). The outdoor activities will consist of supervision of a small group of Gr. 6 (and Gr. 7 at North Saanich school) students (ideally 5-7 students) doing invasive plant species removal, garbage pick-up, weeding, tree mulching, and similar tasks. Training will be provided at the sessions below (see Point 3).

Volunteers are absolutely VITAL to this program, to provide instruction and supervision to the students during the outdoor activities. Depending on the number of students at each school, we require anywhere from 15-20 volunteers/day. If you are interested in volunteering, or would like more information, Please reply to this email, or give me a call at 250-363-6480. You don’t need any special skills related to ecological restoration; as we will hold training sessions for each of the school locations, and have informational booklets for you. You are Most welcome to volunteer for more than one day; and if you can be there for only a morning or afternoon shift, we are flexible.

3) Training Sessions

We will hold three separate volunteer training sessions (one for each school) in April. All training is from 5:30-6:30pm. Please arrive at meeting spot by 5:25pm.

Bayside MS – Tuesday April 1st (We will probably meet at the entrance to Gowlland Tod Provincial Park along Wallace Drive …more specific details to come on this training session)

North Saanich MS – Wednesday April 2nd (meet in school parking lot at 5:25pm)

Colquitz MS – Thursday April 3rd (meet in school parking lot at 5:25pm)

4) So you’d like to Volunteer?…Contact us!

If you’d like to volunteer (or would like more information), please contact me.  Thanks for reading~!