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Shaw TV South – Published on May 5, 2014
“Looking after the environment begins with teaching people at a young age, Shaw TV’s James Green gets earthy with a group of Saanich middle school kids who are being taught/enlightened as to how best protect their local streams.”

Promotional video produced by videographer John Carswell – March 2014

In 2009, Peninsula Streams Society, in partnership with a team of concerned community members, created an environmental education program for Gr. 6 students.  We called it “Creatures of Habitat – Days of Action” to reflect the program’s emphasis on proactivity in the face of our environmental challenges.  Every year since, we have brought a “Day of Action” to middle schools all over the Peninsula and into Saanich.  With our team of volunteers, workshop providers and theatre crew, we engage over 500 Gr. 6 students/year in environmental restoration activities, interactive theatre and workshops.  In various years, we’ve delivered the program to North Saanich, Bayside, Royal Oak, Glanford and, for the first time in April 2014, Colquitz Middle School.  To date, 3100 students have participated in “Creatures of Habitat”~!

We visit each Gr. 6 student body for a full day and engage them in a number of indoor and outdoor activities.  The indoor activities include an EnviroJeopardy presentation (modeled after the television gameshow ‘Jeopardy, but with questions about the environment; delivered with the help of the youth acting troupe from Acting Out) and workshops (delivered by LifeCycles, CRD Parks, Parks Canada, Victoria Compost Education Centre, etc).

The outdoor component is ecological restoration-based and involves the students in hands-on restoration activities on their school property.  The nature of the activities depends on the school, but often includes invasive plant species removal (Himalayan blackberry, English ivy, spurge laurel, etc.), salmon fry releases, weeding, mulching, native species plantings, etc.  The success of Creatures of Habitat relies heavily on the support of volunteers, as each school location requires anywhere from 15-25 volunteers to help with the outdoor activities.