Partial restoration of the creek has been accomplished by a re-routing of the creek bed and installation of riffles for water flow control and the establishment of gravel beds for fish spawning.  The work has involved detailed planning, heavy machinery, scores of volunteer hours and the planting of shade trees by students of Deep Cove School. For several years, the children have received on-site education about stream life and have been given Chum Salmon fry to release into the creek each Spring. In addition, volunteers released Coho Salmon fry into the creek in 2011.
Our volunteer, Newton, releases salmon fry into Chalet Creek in 2011.


We are currently preparing the groundwork for a project to enhance the summer water flow in Chalet Creek. This entails the testing of existing wells in the area of Gardner’s Pond, at the head of the creek, with view to pumping water into the pond. Retention of water in the pond will be enhanced by the construction of a berm to maintain the existing high-water level for a longer period in the Spring and Summer and to regulate the flow of water from the pond into the creek. A biophysical survey of the pond is also planned.  The objective of the project is to enhance the stream environment for the survival of plant, insect and animal life. This will increase the chances of survival and development of fry released by Deep Cove School children each year and of the health of returning salmon in the Fall and Winter.