For up-to-date information about events and initiatives in the Colquitz River Watershed, visit the Colquitz Coalition.

Our environmental stewardship and restoration work in the Colquitz River Watershed continues in many areas and ways.

We are supporting the “Goward Springs Watershed Stewards” with their multi-year riparian restoration of a 200m reach of Goward Springs that flows south-east towards Camosun Interurban College.

We sponsored the “Colquitz Coalition” workshop in March 2014 for stewardship, conservation & restoration groups in the Colquitz watershed. The meeting attracted 30 people, representing 18 groups, of which many were smaller, grass-roots, citizen-led groups limited by lack of resources, funding, technical expertise, partnerships, etc.

We continue to liaise with the municipality and others to develop an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) for the Swan/Blenkinsop Watershed, which will help guide future restoration plans. Although some study has been undertaken in discrete areas of this watershed, a comprehensive study will consider ecological, hydrological, agricultural, engineering and societal factors to address stormwater issues.

In 2012 we helped the “Friends of Swan Creek Watershed” to form and will continue to support this active group with their extensive plans for stream restoration and salmon enhancement. In September 2014 we built six riffle/pool structures and salmon spawning habitat in three sections of this urban stream. In 2014 we have initiated a new group, the “Friends of Blenkinsop Creek”.

We recently partnered with the “Golden Rod and Reels Club” to help develop a stewardship initiative around Elk Lake with the aim of improving poor lake water quality.

We continue to deliver our Gr. 6 education program, “Creatures of Habitat” to Colquitz and Royal Oak schools, and our Gr. 3 program to Cordova, Lochside and McKenzie Schools.

To access files related to the Colquitz Watershed, including photographs and historical and planning documents, click here.