Volunteers Needed for Creatures of Habitat 2019

Volunteers are absolutely VITAL to this program, to provide instruction and supervision to the students during the outdoor activities. Depending on the number of students at each school, we require anywhere from 12-15 volunteers/day. You are Most welcome to volunteer for more than one day; and if you can be there for only a morning or afternoon shift, please let us know as we can accommodate this.

So you’d like to Volunteer? Please email or call us at 250-363-6480 and let us know which day(s) you would like to help out on.

Important Dates and Helpful Links:

Volunteers are needed for the Event Days:
Wed. Apr. 24th – Bayside Middle School
Thurs. Apr. 25th – Colquitz Middle School
Wed. May 1st – Royal Oak Middle School (Day 1)
Thurs. May 2nd – Royal Oak Middle School (Day 2)

Volunteer Training Sessions will be held for each school. Please attend the training session for the school that you will be volunteering at:

Bayside school – Monday April 15th from 5:30-6:30pm
Meet at Wallace Drive entrance to Gowlland Tod Provincial Park at 5:20pm (map of meeting spot) *We do NOT meet at the school for the Bayside training session.

Colquitz school – Tuesday April 16th from 5:30-6:30pm
Meet in school parking lot at 5:25pm (505 Dumeresq Street, V8Z 1X2)

Royal Oak school – Wednesday April 17th from 5:30-6:30pm
Meet in school parking lot at 5:25pm (751 Travino Lane, BC V8Z 3G4)

More details about the Program:

“Creatures of Habitat” is an environmental education program that we deliver annually to Gr. 6/7 students to coincide with Earth Day. Every year we visit three schools; this year we are at Bayside, Colquitz and Royal Oak Middle Schools.

We deliver this program, free-of-charge, to the schools. We’ll visit each of these schools for 1-2 days and engage the entire Gr. 6 (and sometimes Gr. 7) class in both indoor and outdoor educational activities. (We only require volunteers for the outdoor activities.) Outdoor activities comprise hands-on restoration activities on or near the school property (this has included invasive species removal, mulching, planting and weeding, fry releases at a nearby creek, garbage pick-up)

Volunteer Activity Description – We are looking for enthusiastic and responsible adult volunteers to work with and supervise youth (ages 11-12) at the school ground and/or park location. Depending on the school (each school has slightly different bell schedules), volunteer shifts are from ~8:30am-2:45pm. No restoration experience necessary…we will teach you everything you need to know at the Volunteer Training Session (see dates above). The outdoor activities will consist of supervision of a small group of 5-7 students doing invasive plant species removal, garbage pick-up, weeding, tree mulching, and similar tasks.